90 minutes of historically accurate viking horror…
- Modern Horrors

DRAUG slips into the abyss of madness and mayhem, blood and butchery. It holds tight to its ebony black fantasy while saturating itself in a grim sense of reality.
-That Moment In

The Hero


The Witch


It is the late viking age. A missionary travelling with a group of soldiers goes missing somewhere in the huge forests bordering the northern parts of Sweden. A rescue party is sent out, searching for them.
But what they will find deep inside those woods is something else entirely. Something dark and evil.
The ancient draugr.

DRAUG is a dark viking horror saga inspired by the Norse myths and folklore legends.



Klas Persson & Karin Engman

Elna Karlsson, Thomas Hedengran,
Oscar Skagerberg, Lina Hedlund,
Urban Bergsten, Nina Filimoshkina,
Ralf Beck, Matti Boustedt,
Mikaela Östlin, Ola Ljung,
Jessica Westlin, Mathias Berglund,
Susanne Frisk, Astrid Persson,
Liv Persson, Daga Persson


Ödmården is an ancient forest on Sweden's east coast, traditionally dividing the north from the south. It used to take several days to pass through. Outlaws formed bands inside the forest where they resorted to pillaging any travellers daring to pass the long dark. Also beasts and bears and wolves were growling and howling inside the vastness of Ödmården, frightening the people living outside its borders and soon stories of occult and darksome origin arose from the area.
And they still do.


It is not only this forest that is named Ödmården, our company is too. We are the creators of the awarded web series The Great Dying. This is our new project. We are independent filmmakers creating entertainment with this certain style we like. The Ödmården vibe. :D


If you have any questions please contact Karin Engman at: karin@odmarden.se, www.odmarden.se.